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Complete content preparation and delivery

Providing one-stop theatrical and home entertainment services for content creators, distributors, and exhibitors worldwide.

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Theatrical Distribution & Exhibition

End-to-end cinema solutions, including DCP mastering, physical and digital DCP distribution, KDM management, and more.

Home Entertainment

Range of services, from VOD content preparation and platform delivery to Blu-Ray and DVD authoring and duplication.

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Cinema / Theatrical

Post-Production, Content Preparation, and Content Delivery

DCU helps customers monetize content through cost-effective and multi-tiered solutions, including best-in-class service and support.

DCP Mastering

DCU has a highly skilled in-house production services team.

DCP Distribution

Digitally or physically, DCU efficiently delivers your DCPs.

KDM Management

Easily and quickly generate KDMs to keep content secure.


Exhibitors can conveniently download trailer DCPs.

Digital Storage

Safely store content using secure digital storage from DCU.

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Digital Delivery for DCPs

DCU Connect is a globally secure platform offering reliable, efficient, and affordable digital DCP deliveries.

A FREE service for exhibitors, DCU Connect only takes ten minutes to install.

Art houses, drive-ins, independent theaters, and major circuits can realize the benefits of digital transformation – timelier deliveries and less manual intervention.

Join the DCU Connect e-delivery network today.

Home Entertainment

Content Preparation and Delivery for Any Platform

The DCU production services team works on hundreds of titles each month. We ensure content meets required specifications for numerous Video-on-Demand platforms as well as physical media. Through our extensive industry knowledge and commitment to customer service, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Video on Demand

DCU offers a one-stop shop for content preparation and delivery to TVOD, AVOD, and SVOD platforms worldwide.

Blu-Ray / DVD

From authoring, including key art and menu designs, to replication and delivery, DCU can handle your entire BD/DVD project.

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Find out how DCU can help you monetize your content with our preparation and delivery services.

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